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Published on June 6th, 2016 | by James


Comparison Between Android and IOS

Android and IOS are the most popular mobile operating system nowadays. Sometimes it’s became so confusing to choose one of them. Here a comparison has been made so that it become easy to choose one of them.

Keys Android IOS
Type Mobile OS Mobile OS
Licence Apache License 2.0
GNU GPL v2 for the Linux kernel modifications
Proprietary software except for open-source components
Developer Google
Open Handset Alliance
Apple Inc.
Written in C (core), C++, Java (UI) C, C++, Objective-C, Swift
OS family Unix-like Unix-like, based on Darwin (BSD), OS X
Source model Open source and in most devices with proprietary components Closed source
Initial release September 23, 2008; 7 years ago June 29, 2007; 8 years ago
Platforms 32- and 64-bit: ARM architectures, x86, x86-64, MIPS and MIPS64 64- and 32-bit ARM architectures:
ARMv8-A (iOS 7 and later)
ARMv7-A (iPhone OS 3 and later)
Kernel type Monolithic (modified Linux kernel) Hybrid (XNU)
Default user interface Graphical (Multi-touch) Cocoa Touch (multi-touch, GUI)

The above comparisons are only the technical comparisons. According to the User Experience it is seen that android is a bit slower then IOS . The reason behind this is, Android uses java and java is excellent but a bit slow. On the other hand IOS use a language named swift which has been designed for speed.  Android gives you the opportunity to tweaking your OS in every ways whereas you cannot even use IOS without Apple’s permission. If you need a independent mobile os with unlimited features and you will consider the speed a little bit then Android is here but if you think that you need a OS that will give you ultimate speed and you will consider some feature limitation then IOS is here.

This is  my opinion. May be your opinion is different then mine and Always the Choice is Yours.

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